Warranty & Recall


We take recalls extremely seriously on all of our products. When recalls impacting your vehicles are issued, information regarding the reason and remedy for the recall isC2 sent direct from Thomas Built Buses in writing to the customer registered in their warranty database. You are added to the database every time you sign the paperwork for a new bus. The VIN and your contact information are kept on file for this reason. Lists are also sent to us of all buses affected that we sold. We order the parts, perform the recall work or to arrange it to be done conveniently for you.

When you get a recall notice, call Dave Dionne, Warranty Manager at 207-985-6111 and we will arrange this to be done as quickly and expeditiously as possible. AT ANY TIME , if you would like us to check the status of a recall on your bus- whether it has been done or is affected by a recall- call and check. It is absolutely free and is imperative for the safety of your passengers that this be done. If you cannot spare the bus being out of service for a day or alternate arrangements need to be made, just call…we will jump through hoops to keep your buses running and passengers safe.

You can check recalls outstanding on specific models and makes on NHTSA’s website:

NHTSA Title 1   NHTSA Title2


The following is a group of documents that may be useful as a ballpark warranty reference guide. You can check with us at any time for warranty coverage. (Exact model, in service date, and part may impact coverage). When in doubt, we can look it up for you.