Passenger transportation equipment as safe, reliable, and durable as ours also comes with a cost. But, we don’t want that expense to scare you away from making the necessary upgrades to your fleet. Through very strong relationships with our manufacturers and banks, W. C. Cressey & Son offers lease and purchase rates that are among the most competitive in the business. Contact our experienced sales staff to discuss our many financing options available to assist you in your vehicle operation. The following types of financing options are just a few that we have available:

  • Vehicle Financing

    Through strong partnerships with industry leaders like Daimler Financial Services, W.C. Cressey & Son has access to some of the absolute lowest financing rates around. Before you make your financing decision on your new equipment, please allow us to provide you with what we guarantee will be one of, if not the most, competitive interest rates you’ll see.

  • Lease to Own

    Similar to a traditional lease, we can also structure a deal that will allow you to own the equipment at the conclusion. With many technical financing decisions that you and your organization must make, rest assured that W.C. Cressey & Son has a leasing option that works perfectly for you. All terms and residuals are open for discussion!

  • Buy-Back Programs

    Buy-back programs are financing programs that are primarily utilized by school districts. If this is an option that your organization is interested in, W. C. Cressey & Son has been providing these types of contracts for many years. Let our experts help answer your questions regarding our buy-back programs today!

  • Lease to Return

    If you are in need of a vehicle, but don’t feel like taking on the full responsibility of outright ownership, W.C. Cressey & Son can help. With a little information, we can structure a leasing deal that is perfect for you and your organization. No term length or residual amount is out of the question. Just ask!

  • Municipal Leasing

    We specialize in doing business with governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, and we fully understand the use and advantages of municipal leases. If you are an entity that is eligible for this type of leasing, contact the experts at W.C. Cressey & Son to help you structure the perfect deal for your organization.